Christian Music


At PDCBS you can find a large selection of consumer music from today’s Christian Artists.  We offer collections from all genres: Alternative, Contemporary, Gospel, Praise & Worship, Southern Gospel, and Kids, from the top Christian labels in the industry.


PDCBS offers a wide selection of accompaniment soundtracks.  Whether you perform once a week or once a year, PDCBS can accommodate your performance needs.  We now offer the myMEDIA BurnBar system in-store allowing you access to over 12,000 tracks, which can be created in just minutes in the store, no more waiting 7-10 business days for a special order to arrive.  These 12,000+ tracks are divided into several categories: Praise & Worship, Southern Gospel, Kids, Gospel, Patriotic, Congregational Singing, Karaoke, Weddings, Spanish, Christmas, Easter, and Other Seasonal.


If you have a favorite artist or genre of music, Karaoke Collections may be for you.  Each CD contains multiple accompaniment tracks you can you use to perform in church or at a gathering.  The collections range from Alternative to Southern Gospel, Casting Crowns to Ivan Parker.  No matter what your choice PDCBS has the collection for you.